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Persuasive Speech on Racism

Posted by admin as Sample papers

Good afternoon to all of you.

How would you feel if you were observed by the guards at every supermarket, hospital or café? How would you feel if you were humiliated at school, because you are different? How would you feel if you could not find a proper job whereas your employer treats you with suspicion? I do not invent things but I am delivering the sad truth to all of you. Millions of people suffer from this negative attitude every day. They are watched, humiliated, mocked at and deprived of their natural liberal rights. I am speaking about racism.

Racism is a very delicate and shameful issue. Apparently, racism does not exist on paper in any country. However, everybody knows about its existence and flourishing. You can go to the USA, the UK, Germany, China, South Africa, Iran, etc. and you will definitely meet this problem. Every human being can become the victim of racists despite the color of his skin or ethnicity. Racism is a universal problem. Asians or Arabs are treated with suspicion in Europe and North America in the same way as white people are neglected in numerous African and Asian countries. Thus, non-white people can become the targets of white racists and vice versa.

The core of racism is quite understandable. People have always despised and feared the people whose appearance is different. Nonetheless, we do not live in the Middle Ages. We live in the globalized world. Every country has open borders for immigrants of all races and ethnicities. For that reason, we need to learn to treat ‘different’ people positively in order to live in the peaceful and prosperous society. We should realize that white and non-white people work for the same goals. They have the same dreams, preferences and expectations. They have more common features than they think.

We must not tolerate racism inasmuch as it ruins human self-esteem and dignity. When a child is mocked at and abused by his classmates, it will be difficult for him to integrate into the human society. This child loses ambitiousness and motivation. He does not study forasmuch he thinks that he will not find a good job as we is ‘different’. He tries to keep calm or express his anger on public. He tries to oppose the group causing harm to others. No wonder, such children are outsiders. They often behave violently in order to punish their attackers. At long last, they can join various street gangs that commit crimes and finish their life in jail. Sad to say but we provoke the increase of crime rates with our prejudiced attitude towards ‘different’ people.

Racism occurs in every field of human activity. When a ‘different’ person goes to a store or a boutique, she will be monitored by the guards whereas they believe that she is able to steal something. Financial background and promotional opportunities depend on one’s appearance too. A non-white employer will promote a non-white employee and vice versa. In many places, employers pay attention to one’s ethnicity than to his professionalism and skills. Racial profiling is another problem. If we speak about the USA, there are cases of racial profiling in airports or in the street. If you are non-white, a police officer can stop and arrest you believing that you are a potential criminal. Arab-looking people are checked attentively in airports and railway stations, because they ‘resemble’ terrorists.

Without doubt, people think about others relying on prejudices and stereotypes. These stereotypes are very solid and it is very hard to defeat them. When a child receives stereotypical knowledge about other nations, ethnicities and races, it is extremely difficult to change his worldview. We should start struggling against stereotypes now whereas the problem of racism is very relevant. For instance, the number of the cases related to racial discrimination has increased recently.

Therefore, the best remedy for racism is good and comprehensive education. Children should receive education in the mixed classes in order to obtain knowledge about diversity from the earliest years of their life. They should realize that human behavior and actions do not depend on race or nationality. Although we are different outside, we are equal inside. Kindness is not distinguished by race.

Thank you for your attention!

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